More than just cranes

NCS offers global support and service to extend the shelf life of your equipment.

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More than just cranes

NCS offers global support and service to extend the shelf life of your equipment.

We are proud to say that we have the oldest and youngest staff in this business, with new ideas and proven solutions to serve our customers equipment.

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In the days ahead, we should all think about saving cost effectively and how we are spending on our assets by taking care of it with preventive maintenance and daily routine checks. Makers and many standalone companies offer service agreements, inspection on your equipment and does it with great expertise. We have no doubt about that, but is it enough to prevent repair or service? What services are you getting now and how many suppliers must be involved to assist you to have reliable equipment?


With our Business partners, we offer solutions to modify or prolong the shelf life on any electrical components and automation system on your vessel. 

We will assist you in an emergency remotely via our Market Leading Remote Access on any control system.


We offer service and repair from general mechanical work to fixing a small problem with an existing joystick or a touch screen.


We offer service and repair on pumps and cooling plants as they often need servicing in the same time as the cargo handling systems. 


We make your oil cleaner by using market leading filter systems and monitoring of the oil. Cleaner oil mean less problem and less noise from your hydraulic systems.


We offer annual and 5Y inspections with test weights and competent personnel to perform the test and any need of services along the way. Upon completion, equipment certificates and service reports are easily accessible to our customers by accessing our customer lounge.


We offer spare parts and a wide range of loose gears from our Spare parts division.

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NCS holds personnel rated as A-1 and B-1 by the Norwegian Maritime authority.

We know your equipment.

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